Hello and welcome to J.D Evergreen!
A place where you can learn all the weird and wonderful things about me. Wait, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that I am weird right?
All well, it’s happened now so let’s embrace it.
Like a unicorn baking cookies.
It’s weird, but you embrace it because you want the cookies.

I know I can hear you ask, “Jess, how does a unicorn bake cookies?”
With a race of enslaved elves of course.

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So you found my website what now?

I’m glad to see the unicorn comment hasn’t scared you off! You embraced the weird, good for you! Life should be about smiling.

📚When your book is all grown up and almost ready to be released into the world! Soon, it will spread its wings and fly… Books fly right? It’s probably more like a vigorous page flapping. Shrugs. I guess we will find out 📚

Celestia is available for pre-order! Due to be released on the 6th of October 2018

Here is the link… Click it, you know you want to. Celestia is now available for you to PreOrder!

celestia re-design no shadow

Celestia is now available for PreOrder!

A lesson that can’t be taught, an heir that can’t be found, and a monster no one knows exists.

Taliah’s small-town life is thrown into chaos when the king of Celestia dies of a mysterious illness. A powerful mage uses this confusion to employ the energy of forbidden crystals to influence the citizens of Katera, brainwashing them to do his bidding. The corrupted people, form an army that will stop at nothing to achieve their master’s goal. War is on the horizon, and it is left to young Taliah and her friends to restore the rightful heir to the throne. But Taliah is changing faster then she can come to terms with her destiny, and the consequences will drastically alter her world.

this one final


Claire is left alone in a harsh world with nothing but her mother’s words, and a strange necklace to guide her. To end Darkmor’s tyrannical reign Claire will have to face foul creatures, escape a heavily fortified compound, and find gemstones that have been lost for decades. Her quest won’t be easy, those who would stop at nothing to put an end to her mission are already watching.



sustainability book cover (1)

Take charge of your lifestyle

Take charge of your lifestyle is coming soon! Finally the book about how to save money (so far over $6000 a year per person), how to improve your health (and reach your peak) all while saving the world.

Heroes don’t just live in stories, one lives in you too.





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