Hello and welcome to J.D Evergreen!
A place where you can learn all the weird and wonderful things about me. Wait, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that I am weird right?
All well, it’s happened now so let’s embrace it.
Like a unicorn baking cookies.
It’s weird, but you embrace it because you want the cookies.

I know I can hear you ask, “Jess how does a unicorn bake cookies?”
With its magical powers of course.

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So you found my website what now?

I’m glad to see the unicorn comment hasn’t scared you off! You embraced the weird, good for you!

I’m here because I wrote some books

celestia re-designComing soon!  Celestia

Celestia has just lost its king to a suspicious illness. The king’s death has thrown the realm into chaos and a dark mage uses their power to influence the citizens, brainwashing them to do his bidding. A war is started, and it is left to Taliah and her friends to restore the rightful heir to the throne and stop the dark powers that fight against them.
But to win Taliah will have to risk everything…
An adventure that will force her to:
Learn something that can’t be taught,
Fight a creature no one knows exists,
And discover an heir no one can find.
Every turn she makes unravels an intricate plot designed to corrupt and control the people of her world. And Taliah finds herself surrounded by brainwashed people who are shadows of what they once were.
One false step will corrupt her mind forever and destroy the last hope of their quest for freedom.
A war,
A mystery,
A romance, 
And a journey that will change the fate of a world.

this one final



Claire is left alone in a harsh world with nothing but her mother’s words, and a strange necklace to guide her. To end Darkmor’s tyrannical reign Claire will have to face foul creatures, escape a heavily fortified compound, and find gemstones that have been lost for decades. Her quest won’t be easy, those who would stop at nothing to put an end to her mission are already watching.







I assume you’re here because you like books. Seeing as we have so much in common I think we will get along fantastically!
Like honey and coconut biscuits!




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