Hello and welcome to J.D Evergreen!
A place where you can learn all the weird and wonderful things about me. Wait, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that I am weird right?
All well, it’s happened now so let’s embrace it.
Like a unicorn baking cookies.
It’s weird, but you embrace it because you want the cookies.

I know I can hear you ask, “Jess how does a unicorn bake cookies?”
With its magical powers of course.

So you found my website what now?

I’m glad to see the unicorn comment hasn’t scared you off! You embraced the weird, good for you!

I’m here because I wrote a bookCelestia 3d book cover

<<<This book, click the picture to find out more about the book.

I assume you’re here because you like books. Seeing as we have so much in common I think we will get along fantastically!
Like honey and coconut biscuits!

This is the part where I am supposed to direct you to the places on my website. But you can already see all those tabs, and I’m pretty sure you already know how to click them.
*twiddles thumbs*
Oh, I know!
Here is a peek from my book, and it’s all yours! Free!
Yay! Free stuff!

A quick peek just for you!

I swallow and pull my gun from my back. Quietly we step out of the trees and head into the town. We walk through the deserted streets, checking through windows as we pass. Every house is empty. Signs of people leaving in a hurry are present everywhere. One house still has the front door open and it bangs gently as a breeze blows down the street.
“This is weird, where is everyone?” I mutter as we head for the square.
The lightly shifting door and our footsteps as they crunch the dirt road are the only sounds to fill the space around us. The place is deserted. I have been to this town with my father before to trade our wheat, and this is nothing like the busy, bustling town I remember from my past.
“I don’t have a good feeling about this,” I mumble as we creep along the street, peering into abandoned homes as we pass them.
A breeze picks up and blows down the narrow street. A door slams. I jump and hold my weapon out. I take a deep breath. It’s just the wind. We shuffle around the outside of the inn and enter the town center.
Chloe cries dropping to her knees. “Oh my god.”
Kent stands with his mouth open, disgust written all over his face.


Sits on edge of seat, munching on unicorn baked cookies.
What? I embraced the weird, and now I have cookies.
Wow, that was intense, I wonder what happens next?
Just kidding, I know what happens next.
Spoiler alert!
It’s good!

You thought there would be more than that didn’t you?  Well, I can’t give all the secrets away…
Unless you email me and ask for them!
Then I might send you the first 38 pages free!
And a unicorn cookie. If I don’t eat them all first.
Just go to my contacts page and send me a message!

Or you could click the button, everyone loves buttons.

i want one

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