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This is the page where you learn about me! Wait, I’m supposed to do this in the third person.
*Clears throat*
This is the page where Jessica talks all about herself in the third person. So everyone thinks someone else wrote it about her.
But we all know Jess wrote it herself.
In the interest of seeming professional let’s all pretend she didn’t.
picture of me
J.D Evergreen comes from the land down under and lives along a coastline, filled with all manner of creatures that twitter and cheep in the early morning light, as they frolic through the trees and sing their joy to the world as a new day dawns over the endless ocean.
But most people say Australia on the Mornington Peninsula.
She spent her childhood writing small short stories and inventing worlds that were all her own. When she became an adult, she put her efforts into more adultly things such as acquiring a Bachelor in Primary Education, and a Post-Graduate Certificate of Ancient History.
Eventually, she became bored with life as an everyday adult and returned to her writing where she could live in her own worlds and share them with others.
Now a certified procrastinator of adulting, mostly because they wouldn’t let her return her subscription to adult life, Jessica spends countless hours crafting worlds that inspire the imagination. Worlds that make you love or hate a character, cry for their sadness and joys, worlds that immerse you so completely that you can’t put it down.
Well, at least that’s what Jess thinks about it.
Every so often Jessica steps back into the world of adulting and teaches at her local schools, but she is quickly reminded she doesn’t like adulting and always returns to her writing.

Special skills.

Jessica can turn just about any song into a song about food and will often sing (badly) at the top of her lungs about the things she is doing. Frequent renditions of “Everyday I’m editin,” and  “I will always love food,” are an everyday occurrence in Jessicas’s household.
Jessica knows every Disney song ever, and she knows the words to all of them.
Except for the opening song of the lion king, but then does anyone know what the real words are? Jessica lives under the suspicion that there are no real words and on the day of recording the person just sang sounds into the microphone.
Jessica likes to build things out of useless items and then puts them around the house, so her housemates have to live with them.
Items may include:
A 4ft snowman made of plastic cups,
A plant holder made of soft drink bottles
Rainbow glitter sneakers that leave a trail of glitter everywhere she goes, and everywhere she doesn’t.

Writing roots

From a very young age, Jessica told stories to her sisters and cousins, making them up as she went. Her family became so enthralled with her stories they encouraged her to tell them again and again.
Growing bored of retelling the same story, over and over she wrote them down and gave them to her cousins so they would leave her alone.
And thus Jessica’s first books were born.
As Jessica grew older other things began to take up her time, like schooling, friends, and dating, but she always managed to find her way back to writing. At the age of twenty-three, Jessica decided to write her first novel Shadowsoul, and she shared it amongst her family and friends. Their responses to her book gave her the motivation and confidence she needed to continue her writing and so she started another novel, Celestia.
Celestia is the first book Jessica was brave enough to publish, she published it because it felt selfish to keep it all to herself.
Also because retelling a three hundred page story over and over gets old really fast.
Jessica writes stories filled with magic, adventures and powerful storylines.
Mostly because those are the kinds of books she likes to read.
And if she is going to spend 12+ hours a day working on them for free, she is going to enjoy the story.

Some of Jessica’s favourite things

Cats and their everlasting ability to make all humans believe they are beneath them.
Vegetables she grew herself, yum yum.
The colour green! 
Making pointless things, because its fun.
And googling random things, like how to talk to giraffes.

Here are some interviews from people brave enough to talk to Jess.

Phew, that’s over. Have you ever had to write about yourself in the third person?
It’s not easy trying to figure out what people want to know about you.


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