Books by J.D. Evergreen


Books by J.D. Evergreen!


Shadowsoul_Kindle_Mockup (1)Shadowsoul

My name is Claire, but in this world, I am known as ‘1408,’ just another number in a sea of misery. Enslaved by the sorcerer Darkmor and isolated in this harsh world with nothing more than a mysterious necklace and my mother’s final words. She believed I could save the world, I am not so sure I can save myself. Besides, saving the world when you are enslaved has its own difficulties.
All I have to do is escape my captors, fumble through a world of magic and uncover a history so old, people believe it’s a legend.
Should be easy right?

A mysterious light,
A fight for freedom,
And a journey to change the world.
Shadowsoul is waiting.


katera book mockup twitter


A lesson that can’t be taught, an heir that can’t be found, and a monster no one knows exists.

When chaos strikes my hometown, I am one of the few to escape the clutches of a dark mage who seeks control through the use of forbidden crystals. Everything has changed, the king is dead, war is on the horizon, and something is happening to me that I cannot explain.
I used to just be Taliah, a young woman living an average life, but fate has a different plan for me, or so I have been told. The problem is everyone seems to believe I can stop this evil, everyone except me.



Take charge of your lifestyle

Take charge of your lifestyle

Save your health, your wallet, and your environment.
Did you know this book will help your household save over $15,000 every single year?
All while helping you take back your time and showing you how to improve your health. That’s right; this book will help you to do all of that while saving the environment.
That’s a lot of winning inside one little book.
Go on, open it and start taking charge of your lifestyle now!


accidental time traveler_Kindle_Mockup (1)

Accidental Time Travelers

Laughter, fun and adventures all packed into a 30 minute read!

*A crazy adventure full of laughs and fun. This fun short story was created for all those people who just need to put a smile on their face in less than 30 minutes.*
Time travel is just a fantasy, right? I mean it’s not like anyone could do it? Well, at least that’s what I thought before my sister destroyed half the house and my belongings to build a time machine.
What is the first rule of time traveling? Don’t change the past. Oh, boy, did we learn that one the hard way.
An adventure filled with dinosaurs, bugs and my annoying sister.
What could be worse?

Enjoy the read! Let me know if it made you smile!





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