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Celestia <That add to your Goodreads list button is back

Oh look, a conveniently placed blurb

Celestia has just lost its king to a suspicious illness. The king’s death has thrown the realm into chaos and a dark mage uses their power to influence the citizens, brainwashing them to do his bidding. A war is started, and it is left to Taliah and her friends to restore the rightful heir to the throne and stop the dark powers that fight against them.
But to win Taliah will have to risk everything…
An adventure that will force her to:
Learn something that can’t be taught,
Fight a creature no one knows exists,
And discover an heir no one can find.
Every turn she makes unravels an intricate plot designed to corrupt and control the people of her world. And Taliah finds herself surrounded by brainwashed people who are shadows of what they once were.
One false step will corrupt her mind forever and destroy the last hope of their quest for freedom.
A war,
A mystery,
A romance,
And a journey that will change the fate of a world.

Did you like that blurb? I spent ages on it. More time then I have spent on some of my homework.

Well if you liked the blurb, and the free sneak peek I sent you, here is a strategically placed link that takes you to where you can buy the book.
Order yours now! Available in paperback!
^^^^ Strategic link placement. Just in case you missed it.

What you didn’t get a free sneak peek! Well, send me an email! Although it might be too late to get a unicorn cookie. I only have a few left.

Watch the book trailer of Celestia! Who doesn’t love a book trailer?


Celestia < It’s back again, like that fly in summer you can never seem to get rid of.


^^^Thats a big buy now button. It must be good. Bigger is better right?

My take on the Phoenix from my book Celestia

Occasionally I draw pictures of the things I write, this is the Pheonix from Celestia as I see it. If you like this, have a look at Shadowsoul to see more pictures I have created about my books.

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