The SNEAK PEEK REVEAL of Celestia is now out!

You can read it for FREE on Celestia’s Amazon page. Click the link, scroll down the page to ‘From the Inside Flap’ and have a free read!

Available for preorder!

A lesson that can’t be taught, an heir that can’t be  found, and a monster no one knows exists.

Taliah’s small-town life is thrown into chaos when the king of Celestia dies of a celestia re-design no shadowmysterious illness. A powerful mage uses this confusion to employ the energy of forbidden crystals to influence the citizens of Katera, brainwashing them to do his bidding. The corrupted people, form an army that will stop at nothing to achieve their master’s goal. War is on the horizon, and it is left to young Taliah and her friends to restore the rightful heir to the throne. But Taliah is changing faster then she can come to terms with her destiny, and the consequences will drastically alter her world.

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Map of Katera
Map of Katera

View the map in big screen!


Who doesn’t love a book trailer?



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