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My name is Claire, but in this world, I am known as ‘1408,’ just another number in a sea of misery. Enslaved by the sorcerer Darkmor and isolated in this harsh world with nothing more than a mysterious necklace and my mother’s final words. She believed I could save the world, I am not so sure I can save myself. Besides, saving the world when you are enslaved has its own difficulties.
All I have to do is escape my captors, fumble through a world of magic and uncover a history so old, people believe it’s a legend.
Should be easy right?

A mysterious light,
A fight for freedom,
And a journey to change the world.
Shadowsoul is waiting.


Shadowsoul Map
The underground caverns of Shadowsoul

Shadowsoul exists underground and it is a growing stalagmite in the middle of an underground lake. The whole population of Shadowsoul exists upon the slowly growing face of this stalagmite, including other smaller pillars that have grown into mountain-sized stalagmites with their very own cave systems. There is very little light in Shadowsoul, just the dim lights from the glowing cavern walls.



Claire and her companions find themselves lost in a forest of glowing blue mushrooms, they wander through the beautiful landscape, marveling in the colors of the scenery. Little do they know, this brightly lit world holds a dark secret…

Shadowsoul mushrooms

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