Take charge of your lifestyle

Take Charge of your lifestyle: Save your health, your wallet, and the environment

Going green doesn’t have to be expensive. There are options out there for people with money that are sustainable and better for the environment. But not everybody has that kind of money, some of us even scrabble week by week just to make ends meet. How are we going to afford something like a water tank? Or solar panels? Or energy efficient appliances.

Many of us want to go green, but the initial cost outlays of doing such a thing is often what stops people. But going green doesn’t have to be expensive, with a little bit of work and some creative thinking massive changes can be made with little to no cost.

I am writing a book that will focus on how to make the change you want to make without putting yourself into financial debt to do it. Almost all the things I will discuss in this book can be achieved while living in a rental house. So you don’t have to be in your forever home to start saving your forever world.

This book will be broken up into convenient sections and digestible chunks of information, there is nothing worse than being assaulted by an onslaught of information. Take your time, read it as many times as you need to, and take pictures of your sustainable journey and tag me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I would love to see how you are going, you might even come up with something I haven’t thought of yet!

In the battle to save our world, we must all be leaders. So come on eco-warriors, let’s begin our quest to restore the world and repair the damage that’s been done to it!


I will periodically be posting little tips here on how to become more sustainable. Here I will share the information I learn on my journey and together we can become eco-warriors!


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Take Charge of your lifestyle: Save your health, your wallet, and the environment


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