Things I have up-cycled

My latest Upcycled project. Reusing this bucket to hold my hose saved me some cash, gave me a cute storage space where I can keep all my hose connections, I gave this old bucket a new life and I brought a unique addition to my yard

Upcycling and it’s happy to see you!



Upcycled soda bottles and clothes rack into an indoor strawberry planter.

The bottles are cut in half, with holes punctured into the bottom of the bottle. The top of the bottle is then attached to the base and melted with a match to fit snugly. This allows draining without soil loss. The cloth holding the metal and preventing it from warping was made from old ripped sheets.

A year later, I have fruiting strawberries year round.


You can learn more tips and tricks like this in my upcoming book.

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